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Everyone needs to learn about the safe way of driving .. especially if they ride a motorbike. Well we can learn, we hope, from the story below:

Izhar has only learned how to ride a motorbike. He ride carelessly and he didn’t even wear his helmet.

As he reached a turn, he brushed against a pavement and got out from the road.


His motorbike kept moving. In panic, he accidentally bumped on a tree.

He fell down from his ride and hit the ground. His forehead was bleeding. Luckily for him, people who saw him lying on the ground, brought him to the hospital.

A few days later, Izhar had felt better. So he tried to ride on his motorbike again. But this time, he wore his helmet and he rode the bike carefully.

He promised he won’t ignore his safety anymore. And so finally, he reached the destination securely.